At some point after its completion in 2005, the Ben Pimlott building dropped a pane of glass from the 6th floor onto the pedestrian walkway below. From then on, as a safety precaution, Goldsmiths University placed a line of fencing outside the glass-fronted building housing its Department of Art. From 2012-15 I completed my BFA at the university, the fence standing for this period, for the most part as an invisible piece of institutional furniture.

The work, produced in my last year at the university, takes this situation as a starting point to produce a fictional safety report. The sculpture outside responds to the recommendations Julius Bainbridge outlines in this review, while inside the document is kept in a safe, concealed at request of the university due to the then ongoing legal dispute over who will foot the bill for replacing the rest of the potentially unsafe windows. Access to the report was given only to the course examiners after they signed and returned a non-disclosure agreement.

Ten hired concrete blocks, ratchet straps, scaffold netting. Installed at the entrance to the Ben Pimlott building, Goldsmiths University.
Safe, concealed document, non-disclosure agreements.