Before the audience, a large projection of a digital kefir grain appears. At the same time its interpreter, fitted with an earpiece, enters and takes a seat to the side. Slowly, the kefir grain begins to pulse and wordlessly perform a pre-prepared speech. Watching it’s movements and guided by audio only she can hear, the interpreter translates its movements for the audience.

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Breitkopf.
Video Benjamin Breitkopf, sound Jürgen Galli

Don’t be alarmed, our connection usually passes through your stomach.

Long ago in the light of the moon, they came to my house and poked a hole through the roof. They called out, “Are you in here?”

I was cold and did not reply, so they broke down the wall and carried me away, all the while speaking to me.

I tried to return answers but they couldn’t understand.

When the warm sun came up my hunger started. I could not forbear showing my impatience, and I put my finger to my mouth to signify I wanted to eat. Then, they understood me very well.

They brought me sugar. Spoons of raw sugar, spun to have most of the molasses removed. Pouring, now fully saturated, the space around became a thick syrup.

Spoonfuls fast from above, building up in crunchy mounds while I was still cold and slow to metabolise…